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Wonky Head Day

Most days I live pretty normally and complete a full day's work and some leisure time in the evening but it still goes wonky at random (or to be more scientific chaotic) times and today my head is fighting me. It feels like my metabolism isn't propertly working, I'm craving sugar (three chocolate croissants and an ice cream later I'm still wanting more even if my stomach is complaining) and am very out of breath. I feel the need for a heater to be blowing on me even though I'm in sunny Barcelona. A shame, I'll take it easy today and watch some videos of canoe polo rather than play canoe polo and I'll be better tomorrow :)

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You say: but it still goes wonky at random... and am very out of breath. I feel the need for a heater to be blowing on me even though I'm in sunny Barcelona. A shame, I'll take it easy today...'

YES! I get AWFUL bursts of anxiety when stressed and overloaded and trying too hard to do things I just CAN'T but MUST = I'm told. My heart beats HARD, get very dry mouth, vision goes worse and can't cope with my constant pain. I try to lie down rest but just CAN'T get comfy at all, EVERYTHING hurts, anxiety won't stop and usually end up crying in utter despair, feel suicidal on worst days, CAN'T cope with all this AT ALL.

I get FREEZING cold when overtired. Oddly early on it was the top of my torso and tops of arms = ICY. Now it's ALL of me. I live by the Med but I've got the heater on now PLUS big heavy fleece plus under my duvet. That's when I need a nice hot bath because it warms me through and relaxes my muscles, takes bit of the pain away and helps me relax but no bath here so can't, CRAVE hot bath, the shower in deepest winter is utter HELL for me, get SO cold and tired standing plus bending over too much, hurts neck/back/lumbar terrible.

Even by the Med I'm still having a hot water bottle, helps my lumbar but have just stopped using bedsocks = no heating in bedroom and need some, not too much but some. Just CAN'T regulate my temperature properly: when move I get VERY hot then stop and really cold, was never like this beforeABI.

I also get freezing cold and shaky when not eaten enough or often enough, I KNOW this but after 9 years I STILL forget and often when too tired = too hard work to even chew, eat and swallow, SO hard to describe, even soup hard work then. Maybe I need smoothies with LOTS of goodies in = can't buy and too hard to think/make or in advance.


Hi jr hope you have a better day today. Too many croissants and you wont fit back in your canoe! Take care. K


Thanks :) I am better today and I'll stay off the croissants


Omg...can't believe I have just read your post and realize its not just me.

I live in the med as well, Cyprus and I'm suffering these last 2 weeks thinking I'm going crazy some days.

A few good days then boom thinking what the hell is going on now!!!!

Even been to a neurologist again yesterday who explains things very clearly in what can be happening in my head and doing all the tests of balance,feeling etc and all seems ok .

In other words try not to get anxious!!!! easier said than done.

I like my sugar fixes as well from a local English tea shop in the village I live ,naughty but very nice:)

Also I'm suffering with my sinuses at the moment which makes me feel like crap but a bit of reflexology has helped .


Can't you get l low fat croissants? Or is that pointless? Lol glad you're back on track


Wouldn't matter, it's the sugar I was after :)


Lol yup pointless!


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