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On radio 4, yesterday and today at 11am is a good programme about stroke.

'Life in my Head'.

The Life In My Head: From Stroke To Brain Attack

Ep 1/2

Monday 2 March



Robert McCrum journeys into his own brain to understand more about stroke.

Ever since he suffered a severe stroke in 1995, McCrum has been living with its consequences. He says: ‘It's one of the remorseless side-effects of the affliction that, if you survive it, you will live with its after-effects and the conundrum about existence it poses, for the rest of your life.’ The demands of an ongoing recovery still have to be met.

This two-part series is a reflection and continued discovery, 20 years on, of McCrum's condition.

Presenter/Robert McCrum, Producer/Melissa FitzGerald for Blakeway Productions

BBC Radio 4 Publicity

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Thanks for the alert Tissue. I'm an ABI survivor but I gather the after -effects are similar & I'm sure it'll be interesting to anyone. I'll catch up on both episodes on BBCi player.

Hope you're doing ok. x


PS Just spoken to someone who missed the 1st episode but tried to hear today's and found it to be a programme about the environment.

Apparently episode 2 of 'Life in my head' is next Monday @11am.

Cat x


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