Turn your radio on!

Tonight BBC Radio 4 9.00 P.M and you can listen to 'my head', a programme I have made about traumatic brain injury and my case in particular. I hope that we have made a powerful, interesting and informative piece and I'd love to know what you lot think of it. There is only so much that we could cover in 28 minutes but I hope there are some key points in and that you will find resonances with what you here from the experts interviewed, if there are big gaps do let me know, nothing in the pipeline at the moment but i'd love the chance to make a longer version to fill in missing areas.

Anyway that's 9.00 pm tonight radio 4 or listen again on i-player from tomorrow.




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I love your presentations James and look forward to hearing this tonight. Thanks for the alert & I hope you're doing OK.

Cat x


Thanks Cat. I'm doing well and looking forward to response to tonight's programme. Bit different this time, less of my voice interviews with some fascinating people though


Hi James will listen. Thanks. K


Thank you for heads up. Will listen with interest!


Just checked it out, SO wanted to listen. It says MUST have latest Flash on your PC = to listen to the radio?! Really?

Apparently old version no good. Why can't I use my other VIDEO programmes on my PC = if really NEED video prog to LISTEN? Why no CHOICE?

And WHY no transcript?


Hi James

Just listened thanks. Very enlightening and encouraging. It's brilliant that you are involved in doing so much to educate and inform about BI.

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Hi James,

A very interesting and enlightening talk....I'm 8 years on post ABI and I am still

improving and learning 😃. Thank you James...

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Thanks so much James for what was an informative and well presented account of events following a serious BI and the encouraging news, from an expert in the field, that recovery can go way beyond what was previously believed.

Your presentations are so much more palatable because of the humour you inject all throughout. The whole programme was so accessible ; I really enjoyed it.

And though my BI was far less serious (SAH) it rang a few bells for me.

Thanks again & keep up your good work ! x


Thanks Cat. I was really pleased that we got to dispel the 2 year myth. Would have liked a few more jokes really. the hardest part of making the programme was choosing which bits to leave out.


I can understand that, but I particularly like the way it was edited to enable you to chip in between the other speakers so seamlessly.

Well done ! x


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