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I'm so glad to be eating ACTUAL fibre, it is definitely making a difference to my indigestion system.

Sure fibre is in most foods you eat but there are also a load of foods that contain sugar in it. Sugar cancels fibre. I prefer to shove out a lot of sugar from my diet cos that stuff is toxic and eat a lot more fibre.

One thing I did think about at Christmas this year was how in the past Christmases my Nan would have a packet of dates on the table and a bowl of nuts as well as sugar-filled sweets and chocolates.

I can understand why now. I would rather eat a bag of pitted dates over a bag of Galaxy Minstrels now.

All those years when I was younger I used to intake so much sugar and that isn't good for digestion/bowels. Now, I eat a lot more fibre and my guts have never felt so alive :).

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Yes Matt i agree fibre is good and i don't eat enough. I think sometimes i'm wary incase i get the balance wrong though cos I'm lactose intolerant and too much at the wrong time could leave me going nowhere for the day lol!

I don't eat enough fruit. As much as i try it never seems to happen somehow. I should try and make an effort with that more really. Sugar im ok with i do without that.

Yes my dad always used to get the box of dates out with the little wooden fork in the box!Keep up that fibre Matt-certainly good for you!


I still have a bit of refined (white) sugar every now and then but really you want to keep away from that stuff. That is probably ehy I am still a chunky monkey :).

I never used to be interested in fruit and nuts when I was younger but now I am almost addicted to them. Where I used to eat a lot of junk food, I would get addicted to that, or addicted to sugar.

My innards feel much more active now and they should do to :).


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