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The tag #stopableism2015 seems quite popular on Twitter currently. I've not quite worked out what it means but it has a bunch of interesting posts about discrimination with the tag. I'm mindful there is a danger of overly playing the victim card but if anyone uses Twitter it might be good to add some head injury posts to it to get the message out.

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Seems to be linked to the very sad case of Neli Latson a young lad with autism.


Sorry but I'm not understanding this at all.


Just realised it reads as STOP ABLEISM.I kind of get the sentiment.Can't follow twitter though-too confusing : )


I don't understand Twitter either but look at the StopAbleism2015 hashtag


For example

"#StopAbleism2015 Because people with invisible disabilities are afraid to disclose to potential employers a major part of our identities." which may speak to many people in this forum.

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I'll go have a look but get very boggled by twitter and exhausted preparing (trying) for appointment moro ...


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