new book

i have just bought a new book today a friend told me to get it,

it is called, the chimp paradox, the mind management programme for confidence ,success and happiness, by dr steve peters, my friend also has brain damage he got the book at Christmas and says it has helped him understand how the brain works , it can only do good knowledge is power ,


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I bought this earlier in the year after having it recommended to me by a friend. I have not picked it up to read yet so will be interested to hear your thoughts on it once you have read?


and yours when you have read it my friend says it explains a lot of things about him and his behaviour


I'd be interests to hear what you both think, I've had a look at a few books and wonders whether to get them. Also on memory about the guy who is world number one on memory recall and the way they learn to memorise things. Not sure if it'll help at all


it may take a long time to read too many headaches


Hi John, sounds good. Especially as recommended by someone with B. Damage.

Like you difficult for me to read and so frustrating isn't it? Wanting to read more but your head says no!

Hope you find it helpful even if it takes years to read. K


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