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Can't leave it the subject where I did (undecided). I found a book in a charity shop and it seems perfect (and was only 50p). The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan. Just need the time to read it now. Much more relevant is I am getting work experience in an upholstery shop where payment has been a few pieces of furniture I have helped to restore. Working creatively alone, think I've found suitable work for my future!!! Also met a kind lady who said I can watch her and get some tips on furniture restoration in return for helping her upholster a piano stool. Life is really good at the moment! :)

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  • Congratulations, looks like you have found what you have been looking for.

  • Well done aqua for finding the opportunity to learn a new craft with the potential for it to become a money earning job in the future! It has clearly grabbed your interest and you have met not only a kind lady but one who is clearly keen to share her craft and to teach you. It is lovely to hear your say 'Life is good at the moment' as you definitely deserve it to be and I hope it continues in this brighter vane.

    Very best wishes x

  • I spent around 20 years restoring furniture as I couldn't afford new. My first ever item was a dressing table with mirror which I spotted at a boot sale. It was dark brown and folorn looking but in great condition, so I scratched the surface at the back and found it was light oak.

    After stripping it down and protecting it with water-based varnish it looked like new, and it still has pride of place in my bedroom to this day.

    Most of my furniture is reclaimed and refurbished, except for beds & sofas. I found a beautiful rocking chair in a skip..................took ages to strip all the spindles & mouldings, but what a beautiful piece it turned out to be, especially after adding some home made cushions.

    It's so rewarding reviving something beautiful ; I hope you'll continue to enjoy it Aqua, and go on to make a career of it !

    Oh and enjoy 'The Thirty Nine Steps' (think it's what's known as a fast-paced thriller !


  • Terrific news. You'll be helping the planet ("Re-use") and helping people get attractive furniture that they would not be able to afford otherwise! Congratulations.

  • Sniff, sniff, not wanting to sound snobbish but I am related by marriage to John Buchan. Think it was a relative of my Granny's who wed him. Enjoy the book.!

  • That is great :)

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