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Sorry people I have another website/portfolio. I know some of you have already seen my pix but the previous websites I have used have been pretty crap.

One of them has been virtually impossible to navigate around and most of the FREE portfolio websites have been con jobs.

Like a lot of these websites, you could sign up for free but you can only upload a certain amount of pictures, 10 or 20 which is nowhere near enough. Then if you want more you have to pay for it.

Anyway, after doing some browsing and reading I think I have found a good website. It is free to sign up and you can upload as much as you like, for free! This is what I wanted.

I use Facebook also and on there I have posted a lot of pictures, some art and lots of other photos and you don't get any limit on there for uploading.

So it made me think, there must be a website out there that is free where you can upload what you like and I think I have now found one :).

The link is coroflot.com/artybloke2584/...

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I went on your website, and the pics there are amazing! Well done!


Thank you very much Nutkin :).


You have a great talent, Matt. they are great!


Thank you Sem :).


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