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Christmas attire

Christmas attire

This should be the last picture now... Until Christmas day when I get more... Kidding :).

I will get more for Christmas but I wont post pictures till next year :).

This was what I was wearing today at my local Headway's Gosport outreach centre.

Some of you might say I look hot as in puffed out, that is because I was rather hot, I had been back and fourth like a fiddler's elbow.

None of that now until next year.

Came home, made me folks a cuppa, had a bath and now sitting hear relaxing :).

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Matt you are bananas but in the best possible way!The 'fiddlers elbow'struck my funnybone-havn't heard this in a long while !Great attitude,great pic : )


Thanks angelite :).

Luckiily there are no stairs at the Gosport outreach centrr otherwise I would have been going up and down like whore's drawers haha.

My face looks as red as the Christmas tie I am wearing :).


OMG LOL !My friend says up and down like a brides nightie!Ooooerr Missus-its all getting a bit carry on Christmas ! : )


Like a bride's nightie. I haven't heard that one before. I like it though :).

If only Sid James was here :).


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