Puzzles - Week 2

We had some good answers last week, but now it's time for another puzzle!

Puzzled Aliens

From high in the sky, a pair of aliens observes humans using a bizarre object. Perplexed, one alien turns to the other and says:

"How strange. The Earthling is opening a hole in a sheet of paper and marking it with a line to show the other Earthlings where the hole is. I've never seen anything like it!"

What could these extraterrestrial visitors be talking about?

Remember! You have 3 hints to use if needs be...

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  • I think there talking about lined paper, in a notebook, being holed wt a hole punch. The aliens don't understand that humans will know where the lines are w/o seeing the whole, and think that's why were using the whole punch. I think the aliens could be from the second dimension, and are unable to understand the, the difference between a two dimensional line, and a three dimensional hole.

  • Presuming it's not a sheet of paper, they could be talking about an arctic oil drill with pipes leading away from site and heading towards human habitation?

  • Good guesses but not there yet!

  • Lol I was thinking of an envelope - nothing as technical as the guys!

  • Looks like we need a hint Ben ???

  • Hint 1!

    Even something as common as paper can look bizzare to someone who's never seen it before.

    What kind of device puts holes in paper? It must have a needle or sharp point on it.

  • Hole punch? But that doesn't explain the line?! Stapler maybe?

  • Sorry Hedgehog, afraid not!

  • HINT 2

    This object uses a needle to punch a hole in a sheet of paper.

    Then it's used to draw a solid line around the hole. Since it draws a line, it must have some sort of writing implement attached to it

  • A compass???

  • Success! :D

  • Success! :D

  • Lol double success :D But only cos your 2nd clue basically told me the answer!

    Thank you Ben it's nice to have a bit of light hearted fun

  • I'd still count the win ;) The next one wont be so vague!

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