I thought I had already posted this picture but obviously I didn't. I did this picture back in April this year. My first time drawing an elephant and I think it looks great. I saw an artist called Jamie Boots and I picked up a little technique from him that makes the texture of the skin look more real. Jamie Boots draws wild animals, he has done a lot of the wild cats and his art is brilliant. I just like to show off my work :).

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  • Awesome! You really have quite a talent there :)

  • Thank you very much, Danslatete :).

  • That is very good

  • Thank you, hedgehog :).

  • Matt do you have a website or blog to showcase your work?

  • No, I don't. But I think now might be the time to think about it :).

  • I think it would be a great idea if you had a space to show case your art and other creative endeavours. You could always put the details in your profile and anyone would be able to follow the link and see your work.

    There are lots of free and simple options to start off... I hope you will seriously think about it. Having your artwork focussed in one place rather than dotted about in odd threads on here would definitely make it easier for me... and I LOVE anything that makes things easier ;)

    I would urge anyone else with creative outlets or blogs to add the details to your profile and share with us that way too.

  • Thanks for that, I forget. I have already started up a blog, it's just getting used to it at the moment. All I have done is written an introduction and posted it but one thing for sure though, I should not set up a blog using my iPad, I should use the computer instead. I think it would be a lot easier to use the computer to set up the blog properly. Anyhow, thanks again and I shall try and advance more tomorrow with the blog :).

  • Definitely use a pc or laptop rather than an iPad for your blog...it will save you agonies in the long run.

    Are you using blogger? I find it the easiest of all the platforms and it is certainly the easiest for people to follow and subscribe to.

    Do let us know when you have it up and running. Good Luck!

  • Thanks for the info and no I am not using Blogger, is that what you use to create a blog for yourself? I'm not too familiar with blogging, this could be my first one. I'm using Wordpress. I will definitely pass on my blog address when done and add it to my profile :).

  • There is no right and wrong, its simply a matter of whatever works for you.

    Wordpress is great... I have Wordpress with a domain name redirect so it is acting as a website. I set it up years ago but after my BI I had to get a web designer friend to update it and help me to make it do what I needed it to...It was not instinctive for me and so it is now more of a static site with a redirect to an informal blog on blogger

    I find blogger is really simple to use and far more idiot user friendly ;) I love that it allows me to have multiple blogs under one account so I can keep various aspects of my life separate. The other thing I like about blogger is as a reader of other blogs it is simple for me to subscribe to the blogs I like and to follow them with one click. This is essnetail for me because otherwise I would not remember to revisit any of them and would miss out on so much great stuff.

    I also have livejournal but that is more limited and I only ever used it for journal entries.

    If you get stuck there are support forums for each of the platforms but youtube also has some great tutorials on how to set up a blog and how to make it do what you need it to do...

    Have fun...

  • Thanks again for the info :). Blogger sounds better actually, you say it is idiot friendly, perfect :). Just what I need. And yes I will use support forums or Youtube if I get stuck.

  • Amazing xxxx Janet

  • Thanks :).

  • I echo what everyone else has said. That's pretty damn cool!

  • Thank you, fuzzy head :).

  • Wow! It's crazy how that can be done with just a few pencils...

  • You'd think more pencils would be used, but nope :).

  • Good work Matt. You have a natural talent. :-/

  • Why, thank you Cat :).

  • Considering how wrinkled elephants are, that's pretty amazing work!

  • Thanks Barny :) and yes elephants are very wrinkly animals and have a lot of texture.

  • Hehehe I don't know why but this really tickled my pickle the wrinkly bit that got me ;)

  • Tickled your pickle did it, what a quirky thing to say haha.

  • Lol you will learn if you haven't already that I am full of quirkiness some call me weird but you know what at least I'm different to the main stream and if they don't like me who cares!

    Ps no I haven't been drinking ;)

  • I suspected you were weird with that dorky post you made before about dressing up at Christmas :), kidding. I can understand the weirdness though, most people are weird but they are mostly too weird for my liking haha. I consider myself weird but the happy go lucky type of weird :).

  • Lol just what exactly is a pickle? The only pickles I know of are onions and they aren't ticklish, so far as I can tell...

  • And how do you know that pickles aren't ticklish? I do believe an experiment needs to be conducted ;) haha

  • Find all the pickles you can and tickle them :).

  • LOL!

  • Me and my Mum like to tickle the stem of a tomato plant to help it grow haha, we might even talk to it, just a little encouragement. "Go on mate, you can do it". That kind of encouragement. Actually there is a video on YouTube of a guy spanking his tomatoes. No joke haha.

  • Do your tomatoes have names? ;)

  • I just re read it LOL did you really say the guy spanks his tomatoes?

  • Do my tomatoes have names? The fruit or the plant itself? That would be good to have a tomato plant, have ten fruits on it and name each fruit individually haha. That one is called 'Jeff' and that is 'Sylvia'...

    Sadly we don't name them but that could be an idea though.

    Yes, this guy spanks his tomatoes, he believes it helps them grow. Now what I would do is put a banana peel on the soil. The feral ones help the banana plant grow. I used to do a gardening course with my local Headway in Portsmouth and I told them about this banana peel theory, they got the staff to empty there peels on the tomato plants and I was told the plants were going berserk, they made profit selling there fruit :).

  • The only thing I know for certain is that they're 'pickle-lish' ;)

    Anyway, I'll have to get my feather out and try it...

  • Pickle-ish, I see what you did there, Barny. Nice one :).


  • Thank you, Zeb :).

  • That's brilliant! Well done!!!

  • Thank you very much, Nutkin :).

  • What's wrong with me lol

    I read it as you saw an artist Jamie in boots as in boots the chemist then I wondered why they were there

    Urgh I am the epitome of dumb blonde now

    Seriously though you have some serious talent that elephant is amazing !

  • Dont you hate it when you read words wrong? it makes you feel well blonde and I'm not even blonde, I promise, the wig isn't hiding the truth haha.

    Epitome sounds like a-pit-a-me not eppy-tome haha.

    Thank you very much :), glad you like.

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