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So I'm in halls for uni this year which a bunch of freshers, and I'm enjoying it. But, sometime I think people must be insane.

I was watching the american football today at a bar, and I said that I wasn't drinking. This followed with a lot of questions that I wasn't in the mood for, which I replied; "because I had a f***ing stroke." That seemed to shut them up.

Don't get me wrong, I like these people, but the people who I've known during the horrible times have been through it all, and they get it. These people...I don't really know what to do about. I'm taking a measured pace, but I'm taking some things quite personally.

I could do with just getting uni out the way to be honest.

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Fcukin hell Ben - a brain haemorrhage at 19 & you've still go onto Uni - well done for that mate - rather you than me - nice comment btw ;o)

That's it they don't get it but you can't really expect them to & no disrespect but they're still kids - they haven't experienced any life other than school at the end of the day (Oh & getting drunk obviously ;o) so even though I'm sure it'll be hard t take you've got to appreciate, it's really not there fault - I'm sure they don't mean any harm by it - good luck wi the rest of your course Ben. What is it your studying ???


Sometimes that what it takes. A short sharp shock. If will be ok, you are amazing doing this after your injury.


My daughter's university had a block for more mature students or those that wanted a quiet life but didn't advertise it. Several of her uni friends took it in turn to have dinner parties as a couple of bottles of Aldi wine and a chilli is a cheap fun night. Make sure your new flatmates know that you get fatigue etc. and have to rest sometimes.

For next year could you share with some really sensible people?


I think you are remarkable and all the best for the course.

There is always someone about on here , we do get it and understand, so please come and sound off here if you need to.

Hope you have checked out any extra support you might need with student services.

Foggy x


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