Captain Vague!

I've been back at work full time now for a month and I'm doing ok. The main issue is fatigue, I get tired in the afternoons but I'm really fighting to beat it - though my work colleague has named me Captain Vague! Lol! Got an appointment with my surgeon next week as the blood flow to the left of my brain is not strong enough and they need to put it right.

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  • Wow good for you. be careful not to push yourself too much tho - voice of experience here! :)

    Sorry to hear you have blood flow problems, I hope it can be sorted without too much upheaval for you.

  • Maybe when the blood flow problem has been addressed you'll experience less fatigue ; I hope so trelfy.

    Well done on getting back to work . . . . . . but don't overdo things. I hope your neurosurgeon will offer a straightforward procedure to get your brain back to full potential. Let us know what he says.

    All good wishes xx

  • Well done you so far and I hope that things improve , bring back the workplace power nap I say!!!

    All the best

    Foggy x

  • That was my advice 100% but not bring back the power nap, have a power nap - Is there anywhere U can go for 20 minutes where U can close your eyes & totally relax.

    I still get ultra sleepy in the afternoon (20 years later) but close my eyes for 20 minutes & I am totally refreshed. Last week I worked for a charity from 9.15 t 3.30, previously I had done either mornings OR afternoons & I wasn't sure if I could continue volunteering & said, if I do it will have t do either / or, can't be doing that again.

    Tday funnily enough after saying I would only stay til about 12, at 12.0 I went into a quiet room & closed my eyes for the 20minutes. Woke up, felt fresh as a daisy & was able t continue t half 3. I have said now I am happy t do both but I will have t have a 20 minute nap - simples ;o)

    Nah, definitely give it a go, it is amazing how it works -

    - that gives the diagnostics & why n how it works etc. & don't just say it doesn't or won't work like so many people I've encountered do without giving it a go. I'm not saying it will definitely work, cos all people are different, but what have U got t lose - 20 minutes !!!

    Good luck Capt & let us know how it goes for ya ;o)

  • Captain's Log Stardate err sometime?!? love Captain Vague so true of me used to.have memory like an elephant! Congratulations on going full time I still only manage 5 hrs a day officially though sometimes its more if its a good day for me. good luck with neuro consult.

  • I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but....

    20 years post injury and I'm exhausted all day every day. The docs have tried me on various different foods, vitamin supplements, etc, etc. All I've achieved is to become a tired fat b*stard with a lovely complexion :)

    To be honest, it's never going to change so I've just embraced it and learned to cope to the best of my ability. It's not fun, but hey ho, it could be worse.

    I'm off for a kip now...


  • Hiya Andy, have U tried a power nap - 20 minutes, no longer, no shorter (well a couple of minutes either way doesn't hurt & even a 5minute nap can refresh U for a while but don't go much more than the 20minutes cos by doing so U go into too deep a sleep & will usually make U feel worse.

    As I gave t the Capt, here's the link t look at :-

    & mine was 20 years ago too - Feb '94 ;o(

    Andy, you say it's never gonna change, I'm coming across things now, 20 years later that are improving my life & helping me t cope better. You might have read my post about now being able t read 20 years on. Nothing any consultant, therapist or other ' specialist ' has taught me but something I have come across myself. Whether the brain continues t heal & get better 20 years on, I don't kno but U continue t learn, so definitely shouldn't give up trying !!!

  • Hello there,

    Dec '94 for myself, the anniversary is coming up...

    Yeah, I 'power nap' often, to be honest I don't get a lot of choice, sometimes I simply can't stay awake. To be perfectly honest. The exhaustion, although a pain in the arse, doesn't really bother me, it's just another small price to pay. It could and should have been a lot worse so hey ho, I just get on with it and enjoy life.

  • I've just started a 'Pace Your Life' group with Dorset Healthcare, and yesterday we talked about 'fatigue'. You must be careful not to tire yourself. In the Group, they said, think of yourself as a cell phone, and keep your battery charged! Don't allow it to get down in the Red, or you will take much longer to charge to full strength again. good luck with your full time employment though!

  • Hi Trelfy, hope it goes well for you.

    Nutkin this is really good advice please keep posting ideas for us Tatt's- tired all the timers.

    Andys reply made me smile. K

  • Indeed, i had to spend (for work) most of a day in hospital, and last week, and it took most of the week to recover including a day off where i slept all day.

  • As many ideas as I can. Hopefully I get some more good advice. The Dorset Healthcare are trying hard now that Headway have lost their funding for specialists!

  • I'm still on a phased return to work (3 full days and 2 half days) and I'm gradually improving, less tired and more on the ball. I had been very tired, sleeping most afternoons, so gradual improvement is possible, and I hope it comes to you, too. Good luck :)

  • Hi congratulations on returning to work. I have volunteered one day a week from 10 - 4 , and asked for a quiet room a can rest during lunch time and have 40 winks :). Only thing was I came out with my eye mask still on the top of my head back into the office! I used to work as anHR advisor. Government have implemented Access to Work for us to return to work. Employers are asked to implement adjustments for people with disabilities to work, I.e. shorter working hours, phased return, work from home, longer lunch break. Companies may buck this but by employment law they are obliged to obey to this. perhaps speak to your HR dept or manager to make adjustments. Access to work have a good website, or ACAS give free advice for employees.

    Best of luck. X


  • Is your nap for 20minutes Sarah ???

  • Hi my husband is hoping to return to work after 10 months off - how do you know if you are classed as having a disability, he has made an incredible recovery but til he returns to work we won't know if full recovery made? He has anomia and needs a phased return but neurosurgeon just signed him off for 12 months. Any info would be much appreciated

  • Hi depends , sometimes 30 mins or sometimes an hour. How are you StaceM8?

  • Thanks for all your replies, I'm amazed by everyone's individual experiences in coping with their fatigue.

  • You have to pace yourself, learn the power of a siesta and accept the limits of what's possible. A neuropsychologist may be able to help if you have problems long term.

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