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Head Pain after Angioplasty

So I had my one year Angioplasty on the September 22nd. It was my one year check up since my Gamma Knife. I have been having more head pain and at times my balance is off a bit more. I know I needed to have the GK but I'm not sure how well I think it really helped I have 50% shrinkage which is great. But since the GK my headaches increased and so did the balance issues. Any advise out there.

I know I am very blessed to be here and able to walk around and see my children grow. I also know I have 2 more years to see how well the GK really worked. Just feel like every time I start feeling a little better I have a procedure that sets me back. Thanks :) for reading and listening!


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Hi, can't really comment on the gamma knife procedure, just to let you know how things are for me.

I did not have any trauma to my brain other than swelling which has long since gone it is now 31 months since I was in a coma, but the effects are still making themselves felt, and I suspect always will.

There is no reason behind how I feel from day day, I can feel great, well relatively speaking that is, and the next I can be really bad.

When I was first in rehab I felt much better than I do now, I can only put it down to my brain dealing with so much more, the effects are in proportion to the amount I do?

I can over-ride most bad days but I eventually have to give in and just have a nothing day.

I'll never work again, but luckily I'm 61 now, so not long until retirement.

I've been a bit of a Job's comforter I'm sorry but I think I was trying to make you see it may not be the procedures it may just be the way a brain injury goes.

Hope it improves for you Love Janet xxxx


Thank you Janet :)


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