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my brain keeps just shutting down just for a few mins family say I look like im dreaming I don't remember anything thats been said I come out of it confussed and with tingly headache . is this normal. my sah was last December its really worrying me. i can go a full day without one but next day have 4 or 5 episodes. people speak to me and im told I just stare out to space. does anyone else have these spaces?

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I think you should go and get this checked out with your GP as a matter of urgency as the description of symptoms that you give is it could be fits. Not all epileptic fits are obvious tonic clonic seizures as some are like what you are describing. If you drive my suggestion would be that you shouldn't until you have sought medical advice about what it is because if you have one of these absences when driving it could be seriously dangerous for you or others. Best wishes.


thank you for your suggestion . I don't drive so thank fully no worrys there. thank you for your addvice


Just to say I agree with all above comments. I don't suffer from epilepsy but I'm gradually learning a little about it from other members, and the episodes you describe match the description of deja-vu seizures.

It could easily be something we've discussed on here recently ; our vacant faraway moments, which happen in the shops, street, anywhere really, which can be simply a result of brain overload, but you need to see a doctor to rule out the seizures. Please do get it checked out.

Regards Cat.


It sounds remarkably like absences a type of Eplepsy where folks just stop for a moment, it tends to be brief, and can be very brief indeed, less than a second or a few secs.

as others seeing the GP, would be a good idea.


Another 'vote' for seeing your doc. This definitely sounds like some kind of seizure activity and should really be checked out...


thank you all for your kind help. iv got a doctors appointment due later this weak as my blood pressure keeps going really high even though im on medication to lower it. so I will tell her about these spaces too. lets hope I don't end up on neuro ward again. But as I keep reminding myself when I get down im alive. and I so very nearly wasn't. you have to look on the bright side of things and I love my family so much thoughts of them get me through. and all the help I get from all you. huge thank you,s to you all,

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Let us know what the doctor says will you jo ??


I will do thank oyu


You are in early days at the moment. It will slowly improve. I am now 20 months since my accident, and although very slow, there is still progress. You just have to keep your brain trying to work. Give it rest too, but remember, an idle brain is like no brain!



Almost certainly absence seizures, as already suggested. I had them myself pre-medication and still do to a lesser extent. Talk it over with your doctor, it can be sorted out, hopefully pretty quickly

Good luck,



Following my brain surgery, I've developed the same issue, I've been assured it's not epilepsy, just my brain shutting down from anything from 1 minute to 3 hours, They're suggesting it's depression or anxiety related, I'm not so sure, as I've not been happier or indeed felt as good as I do for a long time.

Keep plugging away at them, if your not happy, simply say so.


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