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Android screen freeze in reply?

I'm using an Android Samsung TabPRO tablet to browse the forum and find that there is often a severe lag between typing and the characters appearing on the screen.

I'll be finger-tapping or swiping along, or even using my Bluetooth keyboard, and the screen appears to just freeze, then a minute or so later the characters will appear. I've only noticed this happening in this forum in Chrome. Has this happened to anybody else?

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Have you checked the settings for typing speed inside the settings app sorry if that does not sound right but my brain has gone on holiday


Thanks for that, but, unfortunately, I can't find a typing rate attribute on the keyboard settings. Although any rate setting might be related, it feels more like a comms buffer issue, as the characters appear on the screen as fast as I "type" and then the display just freezes; it's still accepting characters, though, as the characters I've typed after the freeze will display after a minute or so.

The problem doesn't seem to occur in the other apps I've tried typing with, but I haven't experimented a great deal with it. I was just curious to see if anyone else had noticed it.


My guess would be either something is hogging the CPU older computers with feeble CPUs you could easly type faster than the computer could display.

More likely chrome is trying to process something on this site as you type and not keeping up.

Keep a process viewer and if it's CPU should see a very clear spike.


Hi, thanks for the reply, please see my reply to dillm2 as well.

I doubt whether it's a CPU spped issue, as the tablet is one of Samsung's latest (quad core, I think) with a high res display. The problem also seems to be independent of the number of concurrent apps I've got loaded. However, it could be that a background process is interfering, so I'll see if I can monitor things ...

However, your second option sounds more likely as I can't recall (not that that means very much!) noticing the problem with the few other apps I type more than a few words into (er, Evernote).


Are using an older tablet as I can recall messing with a early android tablet which was running a lot of apps in the background

Have you a tried checking which apps are running in the background (settings ;apps)

If you are running android

Alternatively down load one of the free memory cleaner's from google play or apple store (for apple iOS)

Good luck


It's a new device running Android KitKat straight out of the box. I was wrong about the quad core, though, it's got an 8-core (1.9GHz Quad + 1.3GHz Quad) processor.

This is the device ... samsung.com/uk/consumer/mob...

I don't think the problem is down to the device per se. I haven't noticed this morning, though, so I'm wondering if the fix Cat3 had mentioned for the disappearing input has been implemented?

I'll keep an eye on it, though.


sorry didn't read previous replies - would not have thought it was this site - unless you are typing into the cloud - it may have been that the device was updating itself whilst you were typing - who knows ?


Having same issue with iphonr 5

:/ Emma x


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