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Hi, I am 24 years old and on 6th May 2014 I was admitted to hospital. The symptoms I displayed were; headaches, blurred vision, weakness in limbs complete loss of feeling in my right arm and a drooped right side of my face. Following on from CT and MRI scans I was informed that I had a subdural haematoma and two very large cysts on my brain. The doctors wanted to monitor me for about a week to see which was causing the problem. After my operation some symptoms have improved, others not so. I have been back for more MRI. Scans and have monthly neuropsychology sessions. It's a long process but I am going back to work soon (I am a primary school teacher). I have a lot of problems with anxiety and sleeping- I was prescribed sleeping tablets but they haven't worked. Would love to hear some other stories to know people out there feel the same as I do :-)

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Well done, going back to work, don't overdo it. Sometimes you're not aware of issues you may have til you face them.

Primary school teacher is impressive, I hope you can cope with increased noise levels, I find children quite challenging, their volume controls are usually turned up! Not their fault it's the way it is, I think the pitch of their voices is a lot higher too.

So be kind to yourself, take it easy, it's not a race to prove anything, but again, well done and all the best Love Janet xxxx


Thanks Hun :-) I am doing a phased return and will just see how I get on. My school have been very supportive and helpful it's just made it easier xxx


Hope you get a good, long phased return as I did after ny brain lesion. I was a deputy head at a primary school but have now taken early retirement through ill health after a relapse. I found my head, governors and local authority very supportive. Occupational Health will help to ensure your phased return is realistic for your problems. My lesion has left me with similar problems: blurred/double vision, left side weakness and spasticity, loss of smell and taste and burning/tingling pain down the left side. I have been told that they will never find the cause of the lesion and can only treat the symptoms as in Dejerine Roussy Syndrome.

Good luck with it all, I know what it is like to go through so many investigations and not find the answer. Take all help that is offered like physiotherapy and occupational therapy as it all helps and stay as positive as you can. Sometimes meditation helps (there are lots of free apps you can try). Above all, pace yourself throughout the day especially if you go back to work. Xx

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Thank you so much :-) my school have been so supportive of me. I want to get back to work as it gives me something to focus on xxx


I have two apps I like to relax to, "Infinite Storm" rain, lovely and "Wave sounds" the sea, wonderful and restful xxx


Will have a look and download them, thank you xx


I had a phased return I started back, very gently at 4hrs a week and slowly ramped up month by month.

For myself any increase was a bit of a shock but I slowly got used to it. I'm up to full time, aka 40ish hrs and it's hard but I'm slowly getting there.


I've decided to do just mornings so 3 1/2 hours a day when the children are in! If it gets too much I'll just tell the head teacher and we will come up with another plan :-)


What age group is your class?

I support primary 1 and 2 and although the noise is probably the loudest in terms of pitch and volume, they are generally the most biddable, excited to learn and wanting to please. I do venture further up the school too where although the children are much more Independant they can be more testing in terms of challenging attitudes but they also have a very keen sense of humour.

I love being in school, mainly because it's a structured day, regular breaks, and I do need the breaks to recharge, but also the camaraderie and support from colleagues is great.

I phased in and found it extremely exhausting, don't over do it because it does have a knock on effect and you may find you really struggle to manage the fatigue.

Good luck to you


Hi...I teach year 5, which is phase 3 in England (not sure where you are based) I'm just doing mornings to start with so will finish at 12:30 each day. So only 3 1/2 hours a day when the children are in.


Would there be someone there to step in if things got too much?

I know that some schools do have capacity to cover when situations arise but not all do.

You won't know how much is too much till you are there and I'd hate for you to be in a situation where you are unable to step down when you need to.

You may be fine to go in and do 5 days of 31/2 hours but I know that you also need the concentration to travel too and from work, that you have to plan the lesson and evaluate the work at the end. This adds up to a whole lot more than 3 1/2 hours.

It can be exhausting just catching up with everyone in work, especially if they ask 1001 questions. I know it's because they care, but that in its self can be tiring if you're not used to it.

You may find it very smooth and easy to go back, I hope it is. But don't be disappointed if the cumulative affect is such that you need to slow it down a bit. Don't be shocked if you come home and do nothing but sleep till you get used to your new routine.

Be positive and enjoy going back to work :) it'll be holidays before you know it ;)

I'm in Scotland, p1 and p2 4 1/2 to 6 yrs


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