New age man

I had a bit of time to kill yesterday, so I thought I would tackle the basket full of clothes next to the ironing board.

I worked my way through t shirts sheets and trousers. My wife's linen skirt was a particular triumph with its pleats.

I sat back afterwards congratulating myself on a job well done.

It was short lived however, when my wife returned and pointed out that I had ironed the dirty laundry that was destined for the washing machine.

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  • one f those things you have to laugh abut together, something we do frequently here when my hubby does something similar. On the plus side congratulate yourself on what you achieved, well done.

  • I love to hear of these sort of things, helps me put mine into perspective. I've lost count of the number of times I've meant to put something in the fridge and opened the waste bin and thrown it away instead :-)

    Just think of the practice you had and your sense of achievement must have been really satisfying, well done xxxx

  • Top marks for effort tho!

    I've had stuff in the washing machined for a week or more because I forget to turn it on :)

  • Oh bless you for trying so hard! On the subject of forgetting, I regularly go to make some toast only to discover rock hard cold toast in the toaster from the previous time I forgot I was making it!! :)

  • I even microwave things hear it ping and then instantly forget it's there !!

  • Lol! Found a bowl of cereals in the fridge recently - guess I put it away with the milk! :)

  • I know I new here but it amazing how I feel I thought I was nutcase all of these things I have done but not ironing because it's too dangerous for me because I have lost perception of heat I am always drinking or eating too hot things don't know unless someone tell me or I have very sore throat and tongue with blisters all over

    Well done on effort though if I were your wife at that moment I think my heart would have melte a little

    Take care

    Emma x

  • Thanks Emma

    I've lost feeling down my left side but thankfully stil feel heat.

    I have to be careful eating sandwiches. Bitten my own fingers more than once. Doh!!

    Take care

    Paul x

  • Oh Paul, when I got to the punchline I literally laughed out loud...........but then felt the urge to cry a little. That story is heart-rending and I can imagine you there taking such care with those pleats. I just love you ! :-/ xx

  • Thanks for all the comments.

    On the bright side we now have the neatest dirty laundry in the land.

  • Still it's a start, the washing/dryers at work are quite expensive £3.5K each being commercial starnard, but are computer driven be that simple one, my brain has and still finds mobile phones/computers/and tech in genral easy. So I get puzzled looks from the young lasses who remeber which buttons to push in which sequence but not, what each button or rather display is telling them.

  • You have brightened up our day - have'nt laughed so hard in ages!

    Now put it away neatly into the washing machine and don't forget to turn it on.:-)

  • Way ahead of you! Set off the washing machine on 180 fan assisted. You'll never believe it, but some other daft bugger had put a chicken in there!!

    (Only joking before anyone calls the fire brigade)

  • Every day my bath almost runs over (it would do if the fill rate exceeded the overflow rate). My water bills have gone up massively since the TBI.

  • Guess who's dried dirty washing -ME

  • Yep! Done that too and unloaded dishes from a dishwasher that hadn't been set off yet.

    Wander if you can get a ballcock for a bath?

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