aneurysm to the Braine

Hello everyone I am new to all this and I am looking to meet othere people that suffered a aneurysm to the Braine.

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  • Hi scott welcome ! I myself had a anurysuem in february last year its been a long slow recovery ! Ive been left with short term memory problems,anxiety/depression and a few other problems ! I have had a lot of suoport from my friends , family and others on here ! Everyones different in how it affects them i was lucky mine wasnt to severe ! Please feel freè to share your experiences with others on here good luck david

  • Hi, I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage in feb this year, had surgery, didn't work, had more surgery may this year. The haemorrhage was caused by an aneurysm, abd I have another but v small

  • I had my SAH 2 yrs ago. It left me in a wheelchair but other than that I am pretty much as I was before. I've just had my peg removed which I had used for medication initially but I am noe able to eat as normal.

    I am left side parlysed but even now I am seeing sl improvement. I find I am very curious about what happened to me. It seems to help my recovery to understand, is this normal?

  • hy I had a ruptured aneurysm on boxing day last year. I was lucky im still here with no outward sign that iv had one. not as I used to be on the inside but hayho iv found you have to look on the bright side of the things it helps. and the people on here help loads. id be in a right mess without the wonderfull, helpful, caring, people on here.

  • Hi I had a ruptured aneurysm in May of this year which led to a sub arachnoid haemorrhage. Had surgery, spent a month in hospital. Now home and very lucky to be alive with no major deficits. The usual tiredness, STM problems, concentration, balance etc.

    Welcome and good luck with your recovery.

  • Welcome Scott. If you're looking for support/reassurance you've come to a good place.

    I had a Subarachnoid haemorrhage 2&1/2 years ago followed by the coiling procedure and feel (as most others on here do) grateful to the surgeon and others who saved my life.

    I'm left with poor short-term memory, fatigue, headaches and some mobility/balance issues which are all typical after effects of a brain injury. I think most of us on Headway agree on the issue of poor or none-existent NHS aftercare, but we're all here for each other and the Headway team are available for further help & guidance if needed.

    Hope to hear more from you about your situation & level of recovery.

    Regards Cat x

  • I also had an SAH in 2009 and in 2010 I had a shunt put in for hydrocephalus as I was sleeping most of the day, now I am walking a little 60/100 yards but onwards and upwards.

    Keep Happy, smile and sing as we made it, lots do not so for their sakes we must smile and

    thank our loved who could only watch and hope we would get better.

    Okay lets all do a tap dance by next year xx

  • Scott my surgeon told me "No Stress" so I am passing what he said to me to you.

    Keep smiling xx

  • Hello everyone who commented I would like to thank you all for your comments and how nice you all are. It's nice to take to other people that can under stand and know what I'm going throw x

  • I am new to this too. I also had a brain aneurysm two years ago and I can honestly say I am back to myself and loving it. Keep smiling.

  • Hi Scott, I've just found this website and feel relieved to know it exists. I had an aneurysm 11 yrs ago now and thank god every day for my life. I had to have major surgery due to where it was and struggled for the first year coming to terms with the changes it made to my life.

    The Drs and surgeons were brilliant while I was in hospital but I have to say that aftercare was non existent. I'm fortunate to have a strong character with a positive attitude to life which I think helps immensely, but not everyone has that I'm afraid, so this website is a godsend for advice and support.

    Don't hesitate to ask me or anyone else on here for reassurance as we're only too happy to help

    Take care Jan

  • Hi Jan. I've just gone on this site and read your message. I am in my 8th week after my brain surgery for clipping my aneurysm. Feeling that no medical or community support or advice is available and often feeling very emotionally low, tired, and brain not working properly most days when I'm stressed. I struggle getting my thoughts conveyed properly when I speak and sometimes it takes me ages to say something. How are you now?

  • I am new. I have all the signs and symptoms of and aneurysm but all my tests were negative (CT, blood work, MRI, lumbar puncture). My head is killing me. I can't bend over, bear down, cough or talk loudly without pain and pressure in my head. Any ideas? thanks!

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