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Any stories out there to give us hope?


Hi all

One of my very good friends husbands has had a cardiac arrest he is only in his 30s and is still in the ICU incubated and ventilated. He is not waking up despite the sedation being stopped. We are now 11 days post arrest. He is breathing spontaneously coughing and twitching but no other activity yet. Any hopeful stories to help my friend and her family through this terrible time. J x

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I wonder whether you might be better trying the 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest' community. If you click on 'My Communities' and type in 'Cardiac' in the search bar it will come up first on the list.

Good luck & best wishes. x


I had a cardiac arrest in 2008. I was in a coma and although I was unresponsive I could hear people talking to me. The nurse put some head phones on me and put the volume up loud and played some Bon Jovi music. It drove me crazy and it was on repeat! I think that's why I woke from the coma! Maybe you should try playing them some music they enjoy. Hope this helps!



I concur with the other comments

I was in a coma came out of it and 50 years later I am writing this

A bit crazy at times but that's the head injury

Wish your friend well


Hi Olivia,

I am really sorry to hear of this situation.

There is some useful information about coma and reduced awareness states on our website at

You might also find our information on hypoxic/anoxic brain injury helps to further understand this type of injury:

The Headway helpline is here to talk things through, and you can get in touch on 0808 800 2244 or At this difficult and unpredictable time it can be helpful to get as much information and support as possible, and I hope between our helpline and this community we can provide that. As Cat says, the 'Sudden cardiac arrest' community may also be a help.

Best wishes,


A coma from a tbi and a coma from a cardiac arrest are vastly different. Typically comas from tbi's have much better prognosis'. But I would take Cat's advice and try contacting the sudden cardiac arrest community.

I had close to a half an hour of cardiac arrest following a subarachnoid hemorrhage & extended hypothermia, 20 years ago, when I was only 23. For much of the time, I was undergoing CPR, so my injury was largely hypoxic, but I also must have been partially anoxic in nature. I was placed into a drug induced coma, to allow my brain to rest during the first month following my injury. If the injury is still relatively new controlled hypothermia, could be considered. Although my excessive hypothermia, caused my cardiac arrest, I think that it also helped lesson the amount of damage I ultimately received. Someone should make sure and massage his joints, and muscles, so that when he does awake from his coma, it will lesson any contracture and muscle tightness. Also the family should try and spend time, talking to the person, as if they are awake. Even though a person is in a coma, much of what goes on around them is heard. I agree wt .D0v3 idea, about playing music they enjoy. My family had my music playing almost constantly when I was in my coma, and I awoke when a family member was describing a concert they had been too. I hope that your friend's husband, makes a good recovery.

My heart goes out to you and i can only pray that a miracle happens for your friends husband, she should keep talking to him and comfort him, hold his hand which will be a comfort to her and even though he may not hear her, maybe stroking his arm, but this is only a gesture, i do hope things improve for her husband. But as i say only god knows that.

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