Bleed on the brain?

Ever since my injury 3 months ago my sleep has been crap, but a couple of times this week I've been waking after only a couple of hours feeling thick headed and slightly nauseous and restless. I then find it impossible to get off again despite being tired. I'm seeing the neurologist Tuesday so I'm going to ask for another scan. I hoping it's just PCS symptoms but I wondered if it could be a bleed on the brain that the CT missed :-\

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  • After my bleed I tended to feel sleepy all the time...but I think all bleeds are different.

    Do you still have a headache?

  • Jill bolte said she felt sleepy all the time after her bleed!!!

  • Touch wood I don't get headaches which I know sounds odd. My head feels a bit delicate or sore at times though. I've been feeling almost back to normal this last week then bam PCS comes back.

  • My subdural was nearly a year ago and still have really poor sleep and your symptoms too, my bleed caused major headaches though as well,good you are getting it checked out though.

  • Was your subdural from concussion? What treatment did you get?

  • Hi, mine was from a serious fall, was totally knocked out and awoke in hospital (

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