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After 50 years is it worthwhile pushing the NHS for answers


As everyone in this forum knows last year my GP shocked me by telling me that 50 years ago I had a life threatening TBI and to be fair he has arranged Counselling and Cognitive Therapy (other GP's are no better than chocolate teapots)

With the help of the Headway's leaflets etc. and this wonderful forum I have been able to address issues that I currently cope with and the issues I have learned to live with in the community over the last 50 years

I am now debating whether to go back to my GP and ask them to investigate my sympton's to confirm that is the damage to my brain which is causing my life problems. or do I have other problems which are not yet diagnosed.

Or at 64 should I just leave it

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If you are always going to wonder then it does no harm to ask. Don't be surprised if the answer is inconclusive. It was a long time ago and if the scans etc., weren't done then, and I doubt they were, there won't be any way of knowing the extent of the problem at that time.

I do understand your need to know and if it were me I'd be asking, I hope you can get the answers you need. Janet xx

Hi there so sorry about your problems ,can you apply to see your notes from back then ? I am just in the process of applying for mine as no member of my family seems very forthcoming with info , I know it's going to cost but like you I need to know everything . Start with asking your Dr . Good Luck x

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Hi I have seen my notes already FOR FREE they confirm TBI and coma for whatever reason I never returned for follow up outpatient appointment's and I was left to cope with going to hell and back without any support. at least my accident is recorded in my files and more importantly it is now flagged up on my current computer notes


Last post should have read NEVER TAKEN back to follow up appointment

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