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has anyone experienced problems with their mobility car

for 3 years and 35,000 miles i have made great use of my ford c max but recently i have had reason to break down 2 weks ago it was given a full service and passed a mot a day later it broke down taking 8 days till today to get it back i have missed 2 hospital apppointments and spent a total of £50 on taxis which the dealer invicta moors refuse to compensate me for has anyone experienced the same mobility tells me they should or have provided a courtesy car they say no as it wasnt an accident

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phone motability, i use a specially adapted vehicle with a side life and motability have managed to find me a suitable alternative whilst i had a problem with mine.

from what i understand if the dealer refuses to supply a courtesy car, motability can hire one for you or authorise taxi fares to be paid. but this does need to be authorised in advance.

motability are very helpful in these circumstances (well they have been with me)

but don't forget, you can take your car to any dealer, and if you are not satisfied, then next time get your car back and take it to someone who will provide you with a car. or contact another dealer and chances are the will be happy to collect it if its not drivable


i have phoned mobility as my car a normal c max with no adaptions not much they abl to do other than chase up its return which they must have done as i will be returned today my replacement i will go elsewhere for in may


next time if they cant provide a car then take it to another dealer, i am wondering of they offered me the hire car because i could not fit me wheelchair in the tiny courtesy car that was offered, i know just get them to collect my van and drop it off when they have done it,


as i has to be changed in may new one from adifferent dealer


yes you should be provided with a replacement car. Challenge them, it is down to the company to provide a car suitable to carry a wheel chair.

I do not have a mobility car or use a wheelchair thankfully, but when my car is off the road I am provided with an automatic and leather seats for the dog. So you should be provided with a car for your needs


yes i should and no they didnt mobility cars are not fitted with a spare wheel but a tyre inflation repair kit


i dont like the idea of the tyre repair kits,not that i could replace a wheel by myself anyway

but at least kwikfit do a mobile call-out service


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