Does anyone know the percentage quantum claims take?

Hi im just wondering if anyone knows what percentage quantum claims take after a successful no win no fee, Ive lost the paper work, and i dont want to bother him as i just found out the amount suing for!.. Ive looked online ive been useless toke me ages to try write here. this is for traumatic brain injury compensation thanks

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No idea, I don't know how much my solicitor got either bu I believe that thy make a claim for expenses separately to what I got. Just ask the person to email you with the figures.

Please don't count on receiving what they say the claim is for. There are a few of us that had massive amounts on the paperwork that was argued and shrunk over time.

You will need help with looking after your money so get Independant advise. I gave a lot of mine away to people because it meant nothing to me and they needed it. It was taken away after I did that.


They shouldn't take a percentage of your claim. If you contact the Headway team they will be able to give you some advice.

The only thing I would suggest is to use a firm that has a specialist Brain injury team. I started off with a local solicitor and it didn't take long before I realised they were out of their depth. I went to a larger firm and they dealt with the original solicitor to get my case moved - so easy


this 1 im using seems 2 be doing this right but i dont nomy worry is i seen a doc last night they got he was from hospital that operated on me not there now , that wasnt hospital tho left my brain bleed 9 days before a scan a young doc on report said i was 2 havw 1 1st night well 9 days after my sistr ? them i had 1 i carnt take care of me im alone no 1 only people ive paid im running out money now


I would ask the local authority adult services for help paying for assistants to help you. Ask about having an assessment for you and also a careers assessment for your sister.

All the best


thanks i now have socail worker 3 years to late shes said shed sort somthing that was last august se did draft care plan never finished it same as i didnt have after care phyiso nothing i coulnt put knickers on its been bad for me thank you for reply v


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