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If I get my BRAIN back


If I get my brain back I'm going to med or psych school and either becoming a neurologist or neuropsychologist!

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Got to go for it and give and be able to provide an "inside" perspective

Negeen in reply to sospan

Def! Thanks :)

Wonderful, gives you something to aim for and it can only be good for the medical community, you go for it xxxx

Negeen in reply to Kirk5w7

Thank you :)

nothing ventured nothing gained , if you feel ok go for it.

Negeen in reply to spartan300

That's the right thought process!

I think that's an amazing idea. To be able to really know what it feels like and to help others! Prayers for you wish you all the best.

Hugs- Niyani

Negeen in reply to Nks425

Hugs back to you Niyani, thanks!! xxxx

That's great!

Negeen in reply to Mikesghost

yep! :)

Good positive attitude Negeen. One of my favourite ever books was an autobiography written by an American lady, Dr Carol North, describing her courageous struggle with schizophrenia throughout childhood and early adulthood. It describes in great detail her terrifying symptoms and the years spent in mental hospitals then how, after an experimental treatment, she finally emerged free of the disease.

She went on to qualify as a psychiatrist and, so far as I know, still practices.

It's the most inspirational story but is now out of print (I bought it 2nd hand from Amazon). I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading about 'triumph over adversity'. I'm sure there will still be copies available online. It's 'WELCOME SILENCE' by Carol North MD.

Take care x

Negeen in reply to cat3

Oh my gosh, I have to get her book!! I looked her up. She had dialysis and it cured her! Bridging the organic-psych divide! Love it! Thanks Cat! xxx

cat3 in reply to Negeen

PS, it's back in print Negeen. I've just ordered a new copy to replace my battered old one. :-/

sounds a fanastic idea and probably facinating, you did say your on the petite side? either that or thats a very big book, some of the old UNIX books I have are real Tomes

lol it's both Roger, I'm petite and that is a pretty big book.

Go for it! Before my head bash I was a lawyer and, a little while ago, a university law lecturer (for anyone who hates lawyers - sorry!!) Through a mixture of curiosity/trying to get back to the "old days"/a desire to impress folks with "bullshit knowledge (not that any of this applies to others!), I have had similar thoughts. I am keen on getting some writing published and spend a lot of time typing stuff for no, real purpose. To date I have written something on mindfulness and on alexithymia (a big problem for me). There is, also, quite a bit (on all sorts of things - including local history and early US punk music!!) that I have started and not completed. Anyway - enough self-centred crap. I really hope it all works out well. Who knows? Maybe one day we will co-author something in an academic journal!! Life is a bit of a challenge and if I can get more of an insight and, maybe help others that would be great.

good for you - we could do with some more qualified specialists who really do understand. Wish you could do it in French, and then come over here to impart your knowledge when you have your degree :-) - mind you I'm OK as I speak english and not enough french! I know that's not the right attitude - I don't mean it to sound like an 'I'm ok Jack' flippant comment!

Very best of wishes are sent, keep us posted on how you get on won't you. Do you have to wait till summer now to be able enrol or are there other qualifications you need to get first? Whatever your route to success Negeen - bon voyage! xx

its been 5 years how are you now :)

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