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Since my BI I'm paralysed down the left side but now during the evening my paralysed hand & wrist swell the hand is distorted its very pain

I have had the tests for RSD & CRPS both negative which means its not going to spread to other parts of the body the doctor recognises that I'm feeling the pain but its my brain causing it so all I can do is take painkillers some days worse than others but no obvious way in which I can pin point the fluctuating facts if I rest sometimes I don't get it that night but other times its not the same it has a mind of its own really the oedema arises about 7pm or sometimes earlier no sense or reasoning of it this is 6 years on from BI

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Hi Lindyloub

I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your hand and wrist, we would always suggest seeing your GP if this swelling is a new problem. Please do contact our helpline if you want to discuss this further. Either on our free phone number: 0808 800 2244 or email : helpline@headway.org.uk

Best Wishes



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