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Hi guys my name is David

I had a cardiac arrest in 2008 which resulting in a hypoxic brain injury. I was in a coma for a while and when I woke the world was not how it looked before the injury. After a long spell in hospital and rehabilitation I learned to walk and talk again then returned home.

After seeing a neurologist he advised me that my partial lobe was affected which is to do with perception and touch sensation which explains why I have got a visual condition called Micropsia where things look smaller than they are. It is quite hard to live with because no one can see what I'm looking at! DOH!

I also have neuropathic pain in my feet. I take gabapentin but it is not very effective. To add to my all inclusive package I have twitching and jerks in arms and of course suffer from awful fatigue.

I know all injuries are different but I wondered if anyone else has the visual condition Micropsia?

Let me know.

David :o)

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Hi David welcome, I don't have your problems, I have different ones but also had to learn to walk again, never had a problem with talking! Except can't talk for long, cos my voice disappears and the more I do I find it more difficult to think of the words I want to say.

I don't have shaking and trembling but I feel as if I am all the time, but im not it's just sensations but they get worse as I get more tired. When I first came out of the coma I was in, I shook uncontrollably down my right side but it did get better luckily.

I hope someone can help you on here, it helps to communicate with someone who shares your problems

Best wishes, Janet xx


Hi Janet thanks for your reply. David :o)

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