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Weird build up of muscle after craneoplasty

Hi guys, not 100% if I am posting this correctly as I'm new to the site.

I recently had a craneoplasty done to put the skull back in on the side of my head.

As the swelling goes down, I have noticed a strange bump, which appears to be a build up of muslce just above my cheek bone. It's not fluid from the swelling, as it is quite hard and sore if i poke it.

Just wondering if this is common and is there a way to get it fixed as I will look quite strange once all the swelling is fully gone down.

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hi mike7575, welcome to the Forum. I've not had a cranioplasty but I'm sure you will get a reply from someone who has, quite soon. Have you tried asking your GP or try phoning neurological hospital / unit where you had the surgery. Sometimes I find going straight to the top gets faster answers to anything. If I can't talk to the Chief/Director or whoever, I use to ask to be put through to their secretary's. They'll soon have a word in the right ear for you! Its better to ask than worry :-) .


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