Atos Scam

Hi I was wondering if anyone else was invited to some sort of seemingly unrelated assesment just prior to the atos medical only to have its contents introduced at the medical. For me i feel the guise was the cardiac rehabilitation team whom i had never heard from before or after the medical. It would be intresting to see if somehow the atos medical enoked some desire in others to help the aflicted lol.

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not personally heard of ATOS, but thanks for warning.

Re SCAMS - Had a scam email from PAYPAL today - so phoned their Customer Services in UK, after looking them up on itnernet - the real ones that is, and they do not email clients and certainly do not ask for confirmation of any bank details. So watch out folks.

I was asked by them to forward the email to spoofs@paypal.couk


There is never a genuine reason for any internet contact asking you for your financial details. Recognise this and ignore them. It is not even worth wasting the phone call, delete and forget though your reminder to those who could need it may prove a god send.


, it just that I used Paypal over here in France for 1st time ever in November and then confusion reigned as I didn't know their system. Never used it in UK B4, thanks for the tip anyway.


hi sambs it does not mater who seems to request your bank details if they do it in an email or unsolicited phone call then it is fraudulent as no bank etc would ever do that or have the need to. also download a program called truster endpoint and this will protect all your passwords online and warn you if the page not as it seems.


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