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newbie with lots of questions

hi all,

just hoping that there maybe someone else in my situation who can help.

my son was born in july 2007 with what we were told was single suture synostosis effecting his metopic suture he had surgery to correct this in august 08.

fast forward to now and we have a whole host of problems , he has been diagnosed with :

damage to frontal lobe left side of brain

he has problems with impulsivity, frustration,anger , gross and fine motor skills, social and communication difficulties.

currently we are battling on with mainstream school but he is on his last chance now , just wondering if anyone else is in this situation.

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Hi polosmum,

The symptoms you mention are all typical of a child with acquired brain injury. Why not call the Child Brain Injury Trust Helpline on 0303 303 2248 or email us at helpline@cbituk.org. We can provide you with lots of information and advice and, depending on where you live, perhaps some face-to-face support also. The Helpline is closing today but will be open again in the New Year.


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