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Hopefully the final word. And a word of caution concerning CAB..


I received notification from the DWP today that there is a significant underpayment and this will be repaid 'within two weeks'. This is due to the decision made to place me back in the 'Support Group' component of ESA.

Two months ago I went for an appointment at the CAB to discuss the forthcoming tribunal. After a reasonably lengthy explanation, discussion and then a wait while the advisor vanished to 'discuss the case with a benefits expert' I was told, word for word...

'Sir, the country is on it's arse financially. You will NOT win this tribunal and even if you do, you wont be repaid any monies owing to you'.

The lesson is this... Sometimes the CAB are far too brutally honest and can get it VERY wrong indeed.

Happy Christmas to all of you, may your's be as worry free as my own will be now, thankfully.

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So it's a whopping Oooops for the CAB on this occasion...........(yes I know there are more fitting expressions).

Anyway Andy, you finally groped your way through all the sh't and landed where you need to be. What a great Xmas present and well deserved after yonks of hassle.

Hope you have a brilliant worry-free Christmas. Lots of love xxx :-)

BaronC in reply to cat3

Thank you, honey. And the same to you too!! x

Well done Andy, you'll have your money for Xmas, so sit back and enjoy it, hope you have an amazing time. Love Janet xxxxx

BaronC in reply to Kirk5w7

Thanks Janet, much appreciated xx

Aaaaand relax! Bravo for your resilience, good humour and persistence :)

BaronC in reply to Dorsetcharlie

Thank you. I wouldn't have got through it without humour :)

Good news!! I'm so pleased for you

BaronC in reply to headchild

Thank you kindly!

Guess your christmas stocking will now have the satsuma in! and even more excitement- your £10 bonus from the DWP! Merry christmas x

BaronC in reply to pollyanne

I might even treat myself to a stick AND an apple too :) x

omg i got to go to fill out the esa50 on monday, had not nice letter today saying where is it i got till 13th i had a sah and stroke, i wasnt well beforemy sister ok clever in work but doesnt get this thinks as were all got serious illnesses were safe rubbish send me 2 wrk i carnt wash myself tping nightmre but only life i got im worried on this dam form had no help no support i alone my aunt care for me then she fell going home from me trying social services is nightmare and useless i do hope you get your money back you shouldnt be going threw this 2 weve all gone threw enogh

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