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Finally heard the words aReferral for Neurology

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FINALLY after nearly 5years of getting nowhere with my G.P about my historic injuries and my head injury. today I've been to a MSK appointment to speak about my MRI results..he said I'm going to refer you to Neurology to look at your brain as things don't tally up on my left side🤣no shit Sherlock I've been like this since after my accident. I left my appointment in tears of joy as it's the first time ever since 1983 somebody in a professional capacity lookedat how I walk n has listened PROPERLY to my story had to bare my soul n more just to get them to listen to me I move forward with a sense of peace n a small confidence inside knowing I managed to explain the unexplainable really. ..Just had to share it with yas ❤️👍❤️xxx

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Wow - almost 40 years of waiting ; hardly surprising there were a few tears ! What a massive relief for you knowing someone's listening at last. Keep us updated on developments S. I hope you find answers... Cat Xx

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Nearly 38 years of struggling in silence has finally come to an end cat3..the tears just came without MRI scan was lower back n leg but my left side doesn't work properly and doesn't match the results of MRI...I have an urgent referral for another MRI to look at my upper back and neck before Neurology I've been jumping up n down for nearly 5 years about my BI without success until now I'm not at Neurology stage yet and n just for the record there's absolutely nothing wrong with my neck..hearing the words referral for Neurology was like winning the lottery for me..I have no clue as to where I'm heading on this journey but it's a dam site better than being alone in this..I will find the answers Cat3 I'll never give up 👍 I'll defo keep sharing my journey as I pursue it further..thankyou for you lovely words of support as always Cat3..the journey continues...👍❤️

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🙂 x

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I am happy that you are finally getting listened to from your gp etc. you can make a complaint to your GP in a letter. If you don’t get a response or you get fobbed off. Make a complaint to your local NHS CCG HEADQUARTERS.medical professionals do not understand any type of brain injury. I have made a complaint to my gp surgery, no response, i then had two appointments with a gp who did not understand my problems with brain injury , an the surgery was supposed to give a brain injury review twice in the first year and then annually there after. I’ve had none. I’ve made a complaint to the local nhs CCG headquartered regarding the none existent reviews and the not understanding brain injury. I’m waiting for a response which will be in the next 9 days.

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My doctor has been a pain in my arse since I started pushing him with all the struggles of BI he hasn't believed any of what I have opened up about he has just stuck me on the high dose medication..he just said the famous phrase "well you were fine 5 years ago🤣🤣🤣🤣I'll not repeat what I said to him I've been struggling since the pot came off my leg in 84..I went to talk about my lower back n lower leg he changed his tune when he started doing the strength test on my left side which is no good to say the least..I've gone from my drop foot to my knee hip lower back n next my upper back n neck then Neurology I'm nearly up at the route cause of all my struggles which is the left side of my forehead..hopefully I won't have to deal with my doctor moving forward..the guy said I'm guna help ya..those words will stay with me forever..I will defo keep on board what youve said in your comment it's very much appreciated 👍

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Congratulations :)

It's very frustrating when Professionals don't do their job properly, let alone listen. I hope your future appointment goes well and they spend the time to diagnose you properly.

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Thankyou for comment James1984 since speaking with a Professional that actually showed compassion n understanding towards me even tho BI isn't his field he still listened and has opened up an inroad I've been searching n pushing for it's only taking 5 years of pushing but hopefully now I get to my end game.. will tell it all..👍👍👍

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Better late than never sounds a bit corny - but you know what I’m saying ! Good luck moving forward x

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Well done you 👍

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