help i need your help

help i need your help

in my despersation to be housed before i am evicted i started thi e petition to my mp and thde leader of canterbury council please pease support it i really want to leave before my euiction withy some dignity change.org/en-GB/petitions/...


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Have been happy to sign your petition Neil. I hope it works and you get some help. x


sambs thank you i am of irish decent thriugh my num whose father a stauch west coast irishman of the 192s who when a wee lad made me learn an iris song for tiough timeds youll never beat the irish the version i prefer by the wolftones i just put on my facebook page with a canterbury city council be warned


Done Neil. Best wishes & good luck with this. x


thank you i have run out of pleading with bureaucrats and rules


Dearest all

i received the following e mail from canterbury city council housing office earlier following my meeting there this morning we cracke it huge thanks for your support on the petition allied to me nearly taking a tumble oin their offivces and an 11th hour phoinecall to trhem from the local poaper got the result i will be staying in herne bay not that i want to but beggers cant be choosers

the e mail

Hi Mr Murphy,

If you feel that way, please take this email as my assurance that the council will have you moved into temporary accommodation on the 17/09/2013 at the latest.

Thanks Samatha heatherington

i have closed the petition with their terminology not mime a victory i would have preffered a sensible outcome or thank god phew

fondest neil


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