Woman on the Edge .... washing! another disaster in the kitchen

that moment when you have spent an hour looking at the washing machine wondering if you put washing liquid in the machine. This because you now have the orange cup on the side ready full of washing liquid. Decided that I had not put liquid in as I found it and so put liquid in!

To discover that you had put the washing liquid in already and you must have two orange cups! I am trying so hard to learn to trust my judgement and not spend an entire day checking and rechecking.

The discovery of my error has been made because the kitchen looks like a foam party!

I have bubbles coming up the sink, under the machine, out of the drawers and all over my front garden.

Well at least it is all clean but it is too hot to mop up the floor.

Sometimes my dented brain is funny and sometimes it is not .... today I find this hysterically amusing .... hey ho off to mop I go.

Another epic fail

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this made me smile mostly because I see myself in it and it better to laugh than getting stressed out :-)


It made me smile too, just the kind of things I do, knocking drinks over when I'm being specially careful, carrying nearly empty mugs downstairs and being surprised when I end up with the dregs all down me, I could go on and on, but you have to laugh, just a shame I'm usually on my own with no one to share it with, but it lightens the day x Janet


i do stuff like this all the time , sometimes i talk to my friend n it doesnt come out properly but she knows wat i mean which is great , but now if shes with me fr a while she gts mixed up a bit aswell,but i just laugh n say whoops u been round me to long lol,and i agree with biker if u cn laugh about it it helps .


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