can someone help!!

hi i had a brain haemorrhage 3 years ago and still have some aneurysms out side of my brain. 2 weeks ago I woke up with a blood shot eye and today i have another bigger blood shot in same eye does this have any thing to do with the remaining aneurysms in or out side my brain, my doctor said it could be as number of things like scratching or rubbing my eye which I am not really convinced this is the reason, I am concerned as this time it is a lot worse than the last one and the blood in my eye is really deep, can someone help at all


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firstly dont panic seek medical advice when i woke i had blood behind my eye affecting my vision a week of eye drops and it waswashed out but i do strees seek meical advice asap


Your GP's explanation sounds pretty lame and a bit of a lazy effort. It may be a simple problem with a simple solution, but I wouldn't take that chance. If it were me I would go to my local A & E Department tomorrow........first thing, before they get too busy.

Good luck xx


Hi sarahnolan i agree with ncmurphy and cat3 you Must go to A&E ASAP and tell them you past history, Blood -shot eyes can mean so many different things. You need to be seen by an eye doctor not a GP. Good Luck and Best Wishes


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