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Court of protection/Case Manager/Carers Assesment.. Any info?

Anybody have any knowledge on the court of protection, a case manager and a carers assessment? In my partners criminal injuries claim we are nearing the end..... Finally! He has been told by the CICA (on recommendation from OUR neuro psychologist) that he has to have a deputy of the court of protection as he lacks capacity to handle decisions on his own. We have hired a professional deputy to do this.

The psychologist has also recommended a case manager and im not really sure what he is supposed to do to help us and finally the psychologist has told me I need to have a carers assessment and look into direct payments.

We are 5 years down the line and have never received any help/rehab/therapy so all this is new to me.

Any advice would be greatly received xx

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Hello, I'm not an expert but can explain the Carers Assessment...if you provide care to someone your local council's social services department can meet with you, discuss your circumstances and assess whether they can provide you with help and support in your role as a carer. For example this could be breaks from caring. Carers often don't seek help for themselves and sometimes obtaining help from social services can be difficult so I have put links below that can give more information from knowledgeable sources: These guys have a helpline

nhs.uk/CarersDirect/guide/a... This is an NHS page and there's a helpine number here too.

Good luck with it all.


Thanks hun we met with the case manager today who has really helped and pointed us in the right direction. He is also going to send some details through email over the next few days as well. xx



you are a lot further down this route than we are (16 months) but i would have thought a case manager would have been suggested at the start! A case managers role is to organise things like appointments, meetings etc and liaise, one was suggested for us but as i do everything like that for my OH it seemed like an expensive waste of effort (in our case) but if you lived alone it may be beneficial. I have read about the court of protection and suggest you go deeper into that as it is basically someone else controlling the purse strings (that you pay for) and we personally are going to avoid it like the plague

as we feel that as a family we are financially astute although again it may help people on their own. My husbands neuro phsycologist (ours) also suggested it so i tend to think they cover their own backs ! Research more before you sign anything as i have said on another post a lot of people make a lot of money out of other peoples injuries.


I've sent you a message hun xx


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