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Sorry I have left everyone hanging with our story but I really need some help/advice!

I was wondering if anyone knew of a website I could print off some prompt sheets for around the home, how to's for personal hygiene, how to make a sandwich etc.

I have many already but cannot find the website I used last time. I want to replace them after I paint this weekend to make our home look not so shabby and ruined by the little monsters.

I just dont have the time to take the old ones down and re-type and print them.

Thanks in advance everyone. xx

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i did a giigle image search for

poster personal hygiene


maybe that might be a way of finding them, but a general google search didnt turn up much


That's what i was doing but kept coming up with ones for kids that weren't good for my hubby. This is great though thanksxx


Alright, I know you say you don't have enough time to do them from scratch. If you do have to do them over, maybe save them in Word or similar so you have them ready for next time. 'tis what I do for stuff like that. Takes a while the first time, but they're always there.


New Computer and the old ones were on a broken laptop.....So cant get the old ones to just print them out. I have also just been introduced to dropbox as well where i will be saving everything! haha xx


if its any help, unless the hard drive has failed, then you could just take the old laptop to a computer shop or tech savvy friend and they could get the data off it

i have searched google hard and cant find anything

do you have any idea what they call them as prompt sheets brings up kids syuff even when i type in adult prompt sheets


I just read up on dropbox, never heard of it till you mentioned it. Thank you =D


Haha my 10 year old informed me, that's how out of touch I am hehe xx


Whyen you do manage to get them done, laminate them!! they can be wiped clean and you can tick things off with a wipeclean pen if needed.

Its been a god send to me!


Alright alright consider myself told haha. I've done them and laminated them and dropboxed them now! Not getting caught out again ha xx


Well I have found them on a very old dongle thanks to my genius 10 year old son. Thanks everyone for your help though I thought I was going to go insane as they are such a big help to my fella. I think breaking point nearly came yesterday morning when he was walking round with shampoo on his toothbrush! He's a happy bunny now though so might get a foot rub tonight haha xx


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