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Since my children's accident we were recommended a care management company, which we went along with, and initially happy with this decision. Now I feel I am getting pushed into things I don't really want, but get told it would benefit the children. 2 support workers have been assigned to Jack, but we have different ideas of what I need them for. I'm thinking about pulling out of this care management company, but don't want to regret the decision? Is anybody else in a similar situation. Also we have been asked to look foR a bigger property, but I've get a worry with the house in my sons name, what control I will loose over decisions. I would appreciated any advice , thankyou

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  • apart from medical advice there are only 3 people who know what your children need them and you their parents my experience of care managers is that tend to be over patronising withoutr any idea wghats its like to deal with recover from an injury to catre managers the world is sweet smelling roses with endless supply of cash textbook qualified passessed a few exams and taught asserytiveness in my view all crap with a capital c

  • I agree with the patronising bit, says a lot of things I don't like. The solicitor we have for the case did recommend having a care management company, and she does regular reports for interim payments for both children, if I stopped the company, who would do this? Alot of things need answering and dont want my children missing out if I make a mistake

  • Juliejs, speak to Headway, hopefully they can help answer your questions. If the care management company doesn't feel right then follow your instincts, they are your children, you know them best and I have learned that a good mothers instinct is usually right. However we need to remember we are not experts in brain injury and some professionals know more than we do! But if you feel pressured by them and your opinion isn't taken into account then they probably aren't the right people. You should be able to discuss what makes you uncomfortable with them but if this isn't the case then they aren't helping. Good luck xx

  • Thanks for the replies, i know what I don't want, but getting told support workers will give me a break, but Jack at school more now, so I struggling to fit the support workers hours into our life. Called a meeting on WEdnesday so hopefully get things sorted out, thanks again xx

  • Will seem cynical, I suppose, but make sure you have valid (legal, notorised) Power of Attorney/tenure and all reasonable rights to own jurisdiction of self and those 'under age'.

  • I have also been attemptedly pushed along this route with my husband, for the same reasons your solicitor also said and it is hard not to give in to the pressure. Be strong, make your own arrangements with people you trust, you dont have to pay for everything as there are a lot of people out there with good advice, go off your gut feelings, you know best!

    the cynic in me thinks a lot of people make a lot of money out of other people injuries and be the very careful with other people spending or having the power to spend you childrens money eg court of protection and other people having power of atterney, Think long and hard where this money is coming from to pay these people , as they are probably giving increments to pay for this ! BE ASTUTE!!! x

  • Suggest not.

  • Though Careworkers might offer some relief, seldom might they know or understand your personal circumstance or your 'way of being'. All too often it may disadvantage both yourself and the employee, and the entire circumstance becomes tenuous. The difference between a 'found' careworker, and a Careworker from an agency, might be worth the research.

  • Its so difficult to know whats the best thing to do for your children, its on my shoulders to make sure things are right and put in place for the future.

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