Pennine Way trek for Headway

Yesterday my husband (who is a TBI survivor) began his 14 day trek to complete the Pennine Way. He is walking alone with a heavy rucksack for company! His aim is to raise as much money as possible (initially hopefully £1,000) for Headway. If you would like to donate and boost his moral you can go to Any amount no matter how small would be much appreciated as I'm sure you know. Two days in he is doing well and slightly ahead of schedule!

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  • Hi jmt, sorry but the link to fundraising site does not appear to be working ? Angela x

  • Hi Angela

    Many thanks for your reply, not sure why it's not working but you can go to the Just Giving site, type in David Turner and my husbands link is there for Pennine Way. Thanks again, Jane

  • Yay, it's working ! Best Wishes to you both, Angela : ) x

  • Great, many thanks for taking your time with this, it's much appreciated x

  • Hi Jane. I was on the Pennine trail only yesterday in Sale, Cheshire on my bike ; a lot easier then walking ! Good luck to David.

    I also had a problem with the Justgiving site (as I did yesterday) but managed to donate by bypassing Paypal.

    Best wishes, Cat xx

  • Hi Cat many thanks for taking the time to read our post and more importantly thanks for the donation. I will let David know when I next speak to him and it will be a great boost for him. Don't think he was expecting this weather but hopefully it will get a bit more comfortable next week. Thanks again, Jane

  • Oh what an awful day for walking the trail ! I've just come in from the storm feeling pretty battered & I was in the car ! :o

    Hope David has managed to find some refuge from the elements and let's hope for some respite after the deluge and better days ahead.

    Keep us updated won't you Jane. Love Cat xx.

  • Yes such a humid day - I thought the world was going to end, it went so black here earlier on. Hopefully David is fine, don't think he had much mobile signal today :(. Will update again in a few days. Thanks for your interest Jane x

  • Just bobbed in to say, I don't know where along the trail your man will be right now Jane, but I hope he's being rewarded with the sunshine & blue skies we have here in Sale right now...................after last night's storm. xx

  • Hi Cat David is near Skipton now and I finally managed to speak to him earlier, sounds like last night was awful for him :(. He's heading up through Malam tomorrow and says he's had some great moments and some not so pleasant so hopefully he will be a bit more upbeat when I see him on Friday, Jane x

  • Well done to your husband hope he suceeds with no ill effects xxxxxx

  • Hi thanks for your kind words, I will try and put an update on next week.

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