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My uncle has got stroke and suffering from Brain Hemorrhage. This stroke affect his half body right side?

But now 4 days passed doctors discharged him with food pipe on 2nd day of stroke, He can move his arm and leg but not with full strength. He is talking to family members but voice is not clear. I am very much worried about this can anyone help me out with this doctors prescribed atorvastatin, amlodipine and telmisartan tablet , plz help I dnt know anything about this, in reports the words written are falx calcification seen what does this mean?

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Hope someone can help you with this, I haveno idea but it does seem a bit soon, spk to the headway people on Monday , they may be able to clarify the situation, just keep as positive as possible and give all the love and reassurance you can, he will be feeling very vulnerable and probably anxious cos he can'tdo what he used to or frustrated he can't make himself understood, time and patience help and lots of loving support.

Hope you get some help x


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