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good evening x my wife had a sub arachnoid hemorrhage on the 26th november 13 and has got out of hospital on monday 16th dec

since being at home i have arranged doctor home visits and am in the process of sorting district nurse visits ..BUT she is having severe headaches constantly still, she is on oramorph and 30mg codeine pills but these make her vomit after a day or so , i have been told by several medical proff. that the headaches are a common side affect , but has anyone been through this who can give me some idea how many weeks these can last and if there is anything i can try to speed up her recovery....she is very limited in mobility but otherwise thankfully showing no other more serious effects from the surgery....any helpful advuse is very welcome,,, thankyou Steve.

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Good morning Steve. First of all, so sorry to hear of your wife's problems. My husband suffered the same in October 2012, which also resulted in a stroke. This was caused by a burst aneurysm. As everyone will tell you, recovery is a long, slow and often frustrating process, but everyone is different, and recovers at different rates and levels. My Steve still suffers with headaches now, but they are much less than in the beginning. Take each day as it comes, stay strong and give as much support as you can, as I am sure you are doing already. The fact that they are still here with us is the best thing. I hope you and your family have a good Christmas and that 2014 is a positive and better one. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more help. And don't forget that Headway are always there to call and give help and advice. They are wonderful, and I don't know where we would be without them at this time. Best wishes, Molly


Good morning Steve. I had what your wife is now experiencing 10 years ago. I was taking 500mg Paracetamol for the headaches, which never made me feel nauseous. These subsided after a couple of weeks. I still have the constant dizziness when standing. But life has, for you, now become a complete learning experience again.


Sorry to hear your story, why do these things always happen round Christmas. I had my ICH on 14th November 1997 & remember nothing apart from a couple of flashes in December. I don't remember anything clearly till April 1998. The brain is an incredible thing, even though I have golf ball sized hole in it & have no memory of feeding myself or taking care of myself it carried on driving me to do the every day things without me being aware of it.

The worst after effect of the ICH is the excrutiating head pain -I refuse to call it headaches as this makes them sound like an inconvenience rather that something that stops you doing anything. After years of trying every pain killer the neuro could think of I was prescribed Rizatriptan in a form that melts on your tongue - Maxalt melts. They start to work immediately & you start to feel the effects within an hour. After about 2 hours the pain has gone from excrutiating to almost nothing & I can function again. I have no nausea at all with them & the effect can last for days. There are a lot of drugs in the Triptan class & I can't recommend them highly enough. At last I can have a fairly normal life more or less some of the time instead of being 'out of it' all the time. Maybe you wife could try them, see what your neuro says.

Have a happy Christmas & I hope 2014 is better for you.


ive he problem with advice on Meds is it can only be given by a medical professional, which us on here are not, only like yourself, a carer, or Patient, I can only share my experience I tedtoo had a sah, and was treated with Oramorph,when I got home. which I found it helped the pain, but it was too strong, thats what makes you feel you are going tobe sick all the time, and unsteady, which isn't helpful when your mobility isn't stable, so I spoke to my gp who changed my pain med to tramadol, which is still quite strong, but without the dizzy feelings, really you do need to speak to the doctor, about your concerns, because only they can, assess and provide whats needed,good luck with getting your wife the right treatment she needs, it can take time to get sorted out with everything, joining your local headway group will help you with most advice on things you need, so joining here is the best start. search the site for the helpline and they will guide with everything you need to know too, lots of luck to you take care xx


A very distressing injury. I suspect even med practitioners don't understand, though thank them for all. Was in 'coma' for 8 weeks and given 3percent chance of living. I exist as I always did. Always query.

All best, G Coetzee


sorry to here about whats happened to your wife i my self had a anuryrsm in feb13 and was in hospital for a month ! it is a long journey for you both and everyone heals differently ! i still get headaches but they do lessen with time if you have any concerns with your wifes meds get in touch with your doctor as they are the best ones to advise you goodluck


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