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operation cancelled

i was due to have an operation today, but i was last on the theatre list, then at 7:30 tonight they told me it was cancelled :(

i had been sitting there since 12 waiting (and sitting, waiting with nothing to do is one of the hardest things i have to do, my brain has to be busy, i am a fidget i kept wheeling up and down the ward, trying to keep my mind busy.

i cannot relax my body is constantly in fight or flight mode just ready to pop when i hear the starters pistol, my mind needs distraction and being kept busy so i don't have time to think.

but anyway i kept my cool when they told me and didn't lose my temper which was quite a feat, but now i just wanna smash something.

being in a wheelchair is hard enough but when one arm is out of use too, then life becomes much harder, as i rely on my arms for transferring and for doing everything

it is 4 months recovery so i have to make arrangements so i can still live my life independently,

so anyway the operation will be next week or maybe the week after (i hope) :(

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I know what you mean by keeping busy so haven't got time to think. As when I have time on my hands the thoughts can be damaging. Keep strong.


Sorry, biker, it's a wind up which happens all too often these days. I had a gall bladder removal in Feb. but the lead up was one cancellation after another. It's so hard psyching up for days & then being let down just as you're reaching screaming point.

Hope you're called soon & it goes ahead as scheduled. xx :-)


Really sorry to hear about the stress you went through yesterday. Be kind to yourself today and try to relax, you must feel exhausted.

Good luck for next week, let us know when you get your appointment and we can send positive vibes to help you x


thanks all, i have woke up and actively decided that it doesn't bother me (see if i can convince myself thats true) you know in a positive thinking way

plus the suns out and if i had of had the op yesterday i would have still been in hospital in HDU so shall go out in the sun :)


You seem like a strong person to speak in such a positive way. Hang on in there, people like you always make it.

All the best boyo.


It is so frustrating to be ready and waiting for surgery and then be messed about...but I applaud you for trying to put a positive slant on things...when we get all riled up over things we cannot change it only hurts us anyway.

Hang in there and all good wishes for when you do get the surgery.


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