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Clenching fists helps the memory - I can vouch for that!

Great article on the BBC about the clenching of fist when trying to recall words and remember them. I did this naturally when I lost my words after SAH & Stroke I would continually clench both fists whilst trying to try to dig out the right word from brain. I had no idea that the clenching of fist was helping my brain retrieve the words. But clearly it did as I can speak fluently again and write again! It felt like a physical process due to 'white knuckle' action in my hands everytime I spoke, I felt like I was physically digging the words of treacle in my brain. I actually went to the Doctor as i was getting a pain in my back due to continual clenching!

Funny that now i have retrieve most of the words and a speak fluently againI don't do it anymore. Amazing to think your body knows what to do if we don't! But grateful for the explanation from this recent research.


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Can you remember which programme it was ? - - - I'd like to listen to it on BBCi.


Hi, sorry I have only just picked your message. It was on BBC breakfast, but if you click the link it will take you to the article. What's amazing is the body knew what to do to help me retrieve the words from my memory. I had no idea that is what the body was doing but it was doing unconsciously! Amazing!


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