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Any thoughts?


I've being through the mill about healthwise and wondered if anyone had had similar experiences?

In June I was told I was anemic but oral iron didn't work. By July I had a chest infection that needed two lots of antibiotics. By August I had caught viral meningitis, end of September chest infection came back and I've now had five lots antibiotics but still not cleared. Had an iron infusion last month as stored iron had gone down to 6%. Now my bloods are showing iron is 12,white blood cells 6.7, pallet count 323, red cell count 4.6, red blood cell distribution width 19.6% basophil count below low reference, plasma viscosity at 1.85 mPas, serum inorganic phosphate 0.75, serum c reactive protein level 4.8mg serum folate level 3.1ng

Symptoms: recurrent chest infection, severe fatigue, bloated stomach, headaches, confusion...


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I can't help you but I have found the IDI email facility very good for advice.

Whenever I get anemic from too many phlebs , I take oral B12 spray- 1000 ug .

But I think your situation is much more serious than just simple anemia.

Good luck.

I'll try and get the link for you.


Thank you that's great x



Try sending your information to this.

Hope that works.


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