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Today I went to see a haematoligist about my ferritin level which was 715 normal range is 30 to 400.

So I got it in my head to avoid as much iron as possible thinking it wold get worse if I continued eating iron.

Today I sore the specialist who told me that my iron was 50.6 and the upper limit was 56.

I have been feeling down and no enthusiasm to do anything. Very very low.

I suddenly realised the reason I am feeling luke crap is because I have deprived my body of the correct amount of iron.

So I will start having cereal again and hopefully my levels will improve my overall wellbeing.

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Hi Wayne. I too have haemochromatosis. When first diagnosed about this time last year my ferratin levels was 1500. It was found just by a random blood test, I felt no different to what I normally felt with all my other health issues. I was at the hospital every week sometimes once a fortnight and they took 400mls of blood of Me everytime. The levels fluctuated most times sometimes dropping massively but then going back higher than before. Now after nearly a year my levels at the last count was 76, and as you have probably been told ideal level is 50. So I'm saying hang in there you will get there. Can I ask is yours genetic? Just curious really as mine is.

Good luck be nice to here how you get on . Debbs πŸ˜ƒ

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Hi Debbs. I don't think it is genetic. I know that I have started eating weeta biz and my lother energy has come back.it's only been two days since I have added iron back into my diet,But what a difference it has made.

I do think when my results comeback in January it will show iron defiency which I have rectifield.

I only stopped taking iron because of my high ferritin but the haematoligist said my iron level wasn't too high.

I am hoping I have finally got my energy levels back to normal.

I hope you get your health back to normality too

Kind regards



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