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Must watch TV - Hospital Food!

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In case you missed the Channel 4 documentary by Journalist Mark Sparrow last night on Hospital Food in the NHS we've included the handy link here.

It certainly made for interesting - if not pleasant viewing! Hospital Food has long been an issue for many of our Facebook fans. So share your comments below. Have you had a stay in hospital and had dire food or gluten free options? Or did you have a great experience you'd love to share?

Either way we've signed up for the petition for better hospital food. Why don't you take two minutes to do the same? It seems like a no-brainer that good healthy food = patients get better quicker in hospital. Yet the programme illustrated that the layers of red tape and cuts in the NHS means that the common sense relationship between good diet and health isn't always a clear as we might think it should be. It was very sad to see that Lloyd Grossman had given up 5 year campaign for better hospital food due to cumulative frustration. Yet there were some signs of hope like the Royal Brompton.

As Coeliacs we know more than many you really are what you eat! So why not sign the petition below for better hospital food? Or send in your pictures of gluten free hospital food to Mark's

Oh yes - and do eat before you watch the programme online - we wouldn't want to put you off your gluten free food!


So if you want to join the petition then click here:



Mark Sparrow's Blog:

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