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WHICH GF FOODS TASTE THE BEST? Thought it would be a great idea if we all could list our favourites!

As gluten free foods are extremely expensive, I though it might be really useful if we could all list ones that we think are the best in flavour, quality, nearness to wheat versions, etc. Don't forget to add their full names and where the items are available for purchase. That way we can all help each other.

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Sainsbury's (FRESH BREAD) Freefrom range 'Soft brown seeded sliced loaf. Currently £1.99 so far is the nearest loaf, in flavour, I have found to a standard wheat loaf.


Hi Lynxcat, my favourite biscuits by far are Eskal chocolate wafers, I buy mine in health food shops.

My favourite Christmas food is Village bakery organic Christmas pudding. I also buy these in health food shops. They do 2 sizes (and use manioc flour which's usually referred to as tapioca starch)

There was a similar blog on GFG ''Favourite food finds'' recently but there's all the Christmas goodies at the mo' so I think questions like this beg to be asked time and time again because of new members, new products etc. I for one did not know that Sainsbury's have their own brand gf bread so thatks for the tip.

And it must be daunting about to face your first gf Christmas!



Genius seeded bread closest to real bread I have found.

Tesco's Cherry Bakewell Tarts

Snacks on the go: Nakd bars and 9 bars

Aldi frankfurters, Aldi beans and Aldi tomato ketchup.

Heinz mayonnaise and Heinz English mustard.

Kingfisher toothpaste.


My favourite breads at the moment:

Wellfoods 4 Gluten Free Burger Buns. Coated in sesame seeds. Best toasted with ham, cheese, jam, scrambled egg or just spread. Taste like crumpets. (On prescription)

Glutafin Baguettes. 2 pack - when baked in the oven for 7 minutes and eaten within a few hours. Nearest thing to a Subway, probably. (on prescription)

Pizza: Juvela - 2 part baked bases, 360g. (on prescription) Pizza topping, grated cheese and onion.

'Spam', fried, on a gf baguette (anywhere). Good standby food but only eat occasionally because its probably unhealthy.

Heinz beans with pork sausages (Sainsbury's)

Holy Cow Himalayan Hot Garlic sauce (Sainsbury's)

Scan Swedish Meatballs. 350g. Sometimes only £1.49 at Sainsbury's.

The UK rep checked the factory for me on one of his trips to Sweden and found they always process these after the machinery has been cleaned down before processing anything containing gluten. Not been affected by them yet.

Can be eaten straight from the pack. I like to add a jar of pasta sauce.

Cakes. Any sponge cakes that my wife makes using Juvela White Mix (on prescription)


Genius mince pies are the best - indistinguishable from the real thing!

Genius tea-cakes are great too.


I have just been advised of a website for gluten free products .. obviously, I haven't had chance to test it out but as they deliver thought it could prove useful to everyone. There are a very wide range of all products and some well known makes .. so it appears to be well worth checking out.


I only have very limited access to gluten free processed food.....but I had a few items brought to me from the UK

I like the Tesco free from fruit loaf it was lovely toasted.

I reacted to the Tesco fruit slices

I really like the Sainsbury's shortbread gluten free fingers

I buy Dove's farm self raising flour and bread mixes and they taste wonderful I made perfect sandwich bread/toasting bread in my breadmaker with the bread mix and it is just like normal bread, only better! I made lovely cookies and yorkshire puddings that were perfect from the flour!


Hi I had the same idea and there are more answers on my blog if you want to read them, great minds think alike. It is good to use this space to be positive.


Hi Sappho ... I too use Dove's farm flours and agree they enable you to make some marvellous things. I often make breakfast cake .. it makes a change from the usual offerings. I often find slices of it missing as the rest of the family enjoy it too!

Maurita .. is that a separate blog or a blog post here? If so let us place the links within our posts making it easier for people to see the full range of what people have offered to us all so far?


jevella bread rolls pizza bases unsliced bread yum i make a lot of things my self now i love the free from cherry cake x


Hi Barny, Where do you buy these from?

I made the mistake of making my own chocolate cake (free from) it was too, too, nice .. in fact, it was totally addictive. I dread to think how fattening it was as it contained three whole bars of dark rich chocolate as a starters! Lol!


I've just tried the Lakeland Laucke gluten & dairy free packet mix bread. OMG! Absolutely delicious. Link to their website below.

You don't even have to knead this, just mix, wait until risen and bake! You don't need a bread mixer either.

I have only tried the multigrain one but if that is anything to go by, I'll be buying the white for sure.

This is SO yummy. I slice the loaf, put it in a freezer bag and use slices as and when.

I love this bread and I'm sure you will too! :-)


Mine is the stem ginger cake:


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