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Gluten sensitivty and autoimmune diease?


Gluten sensitivty and an auto immune problem? Can u have both? Ive had a rash since oct 11 2013... But controled when on a gluten free diet... But rash tends to flare up off and on.. Even on aerius which controls the burning/ rash/ hives... :/ i also have all the wonderful on going stomach issues...

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I have both :-(

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease and I in fact have 3 cd, hasimotos thyroiditis and sarcoidosis plus Ménière's disease. You tend to find once you get one autoimmune problem others will follow.


I have multiple autoimmune diseases as well ... sorry.

Is it an intensely itchy water blister type rash which is symmetrical eg. both elbows,both knees etc?

If so this could be dermatitis herpetiformis and a skin biopsy would confirm it.

I started with DH and had a further test that confirmed ceoliac disease.

Hi MamaLulu,

I have Hypothyroid disease and Hughes Syndrome - both autoimmune diseases - and gluten intolerance (I refused to go for the endoscopy, but didn't have the antibody for coeliac in blood test).

Every time I ingest wheat/barley/oats I come out in an itchy blistery rash within 1-3 hours, which I was told initially was Herpetiformis, but later revised to Urticaria, which is also associated with auto-immune response (not specifically gluten). The stomach upsets and other symptoms usually come later.

Rashes aren't associated with any other specific autoimmune disease I've read about, besides coeliac disease. Either DH or urticaria outbreaks suggest there's still something in your diet or environment that you are reacting to. I actually find my rash outbreaks quite useful as an alert to check on what I've eaten, for cross contamination or hidden ingredients. If it's definitely not due to wheat/barley gluten, then I'd look out for other "grains" or food that you might be intolerant of, maybe by keeping a food diary.

Hope that helps. Best wishes, Rita

Thank you RusticRita:)

I think your right about keeping a food diary.

I find it hard learning all the ingredients that fool you, that do indeed have gluten in it.

35 olds and never had a rash or a problem with gluten ever before till 4 months ago, that i was aware of... frustrating.... But learning and moving forward, it could ne worst:)) thank i again..

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