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I have a problem! I appear to be allergic to the rice protein, and this limits me more on diet choices, does anyone have any suggestions?

I am as yet an undiagnosed Coeliac, but I have been advised to follow a Gluten free diet by my GP until I have tests next month, but I also appear to be allergic to the protein in rice, so am more limited on my diet, i can't have rice noodles, rice paper, anything containing rice, I am also finding problems with tapioca starch.. does anyone have any suggestions to help me with my limited diet? Thankfully I like salads and potatoes, but it would be good to be a little varied!

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BM50, it's worrying that you say your GP has advised you to follow a gf diet until you have your tests in a month's time. All medical practioners should be well aware that you should continue to eat gluten for at least 6 weeks in order to have a meaningful blood test.

I suggest you go back and discuss this with your GP.

It is also well worth you asking the GP for a referral to a dietician as you suspect you have a variety of intolerances and it would be well worth identifying what's causing these. Sometimes there is a long wait to get seen so the sooner you get referred the better. If necessary perhaps they can consider you for other allergy tests. Interestingly you say that you are ok with potatoes; these are part of the nightshade family and do cause problems for some Coeliacs.

Cutting out major food groups is never a good idea unless you've had a proper diagnosis as it could cause damage to your body.

It would be useful also for you to create and manage a food diary in the weeks leading upto your test. This will provide very useful info for your discussions.

Please let us know how you get on.



Agree entirely with reply, suggest you try gram flour, millet? i have very little carbohydrate in starch form, its just what you get used to, but you need to stay on gluten till you have had test


Hi, I was in a very similar position last year, I had taken myself of wheat as I thought it was affecting me, the GP said I needed to go back on it for a blood test, I did, then wated for results, I got so ill on wheat, GP said to stop...then when tests were negative, he said I needed to go back on it for a biopsy, I went home and had a couple of pieces of toast, 2 hours later I was in hospital with suspected stroke. It was NOT a stroke as everything checked out but likely a severe migraine with weird symptoms. Not saying this to scare anyone but to warn people to be very careful and if going back on wheat after a break from in, not to be alone when you do!

As for replacement starches, sorgam, buckwheat, maize, some research and shop in Asian shops, there is a lovely variety, you do not need to go hungry, I have cut down dramatically on carbs though as I feel better without them! All the best, Lesley


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