Glutafin gluten free/wheat free spaghetti..fantastic 10/10

I just recently ordered some glutafin pasta products on prescription. The spaghetti is the best gluten free I have had. So many other brands ended up clumping together and falling apart, In the cooking process. The glutafin product was so simple and tasted so good. My boyfriend even said he couldn't tell it was a gluten free spaghetti. Well done glutafin for another great product.

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  • A good result cath_c. It's very disappointing when you've taken the time to prepare a nice pasta sauce and the gf pasta is unpleasant.

    Did you see our previous post where we asked people to pop down their favourite prescription products? If you 've got the PIP code for this spaghetti please pop that across on this post. It may help some newbie Coeliacs who are venturing into the prescribed food jungle :-)

  • Many may already know this, but if you pop a small quantity of oil into the water and start if off by spreading the spaghetti around, separating the strands, then is likely to remain that way

  • Asda wheat free pasta I like very much I couldn't tell the difference...I have also given it to all my family and never told them it was wheat free

  • I've found I can get spaghetti, fusilli and penne gf from Sainsburys, their 'Freefrom' range. No problems with clumping or breakdown but then when I had to use gf just continued the olive oil in the water as I had done for the last - oops! - fifty years.

    Does anyone know where I can gf pasta in other varieties?

  • M&S do some but I cant remember the pasta types. Juvela do a niceTagliatelle also their spaghetti is nice in fact I like most of their pasta's but make sure you time the cooking because if you over cook it goes really soggy!

  • Many thanks, see comment below!

  • Ocado have a great selection, so perhaps Waitrose does too?

  • Thanks to you both. As soon as the snow and ice clears I'll be off to both stores.

  • I tried a great chickpea pasta which I think was Del Ugo, my gluten intolerant three year old loved it. Mostly though I stick with Doves Farm as it is organic and very good. Also king soba rice noodles replace spaghetti beautifully and I am yet to try blanched ribbons of courgette but have been told it makes a tasty alternative to spaghetti, also a much healthier one especially for blood sugar levels!

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